Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Peel-Off Palette

Welcoimg_5073me to another installation of “Tools of the Trade Tuesday” in which I feature one of the art supplies, tools and equipment that helps me to create art in my studio. This week’s breakout star is the Mijello Artelier Peel-Off Palette. I discovered this palette during a compulsive buy once at my local Utrecht/Dick-Blick art supply store.

I had often been frustrated with myself for starting a painting, and then getting busy and not being able to return to it for some days or weeks. By then, I was always annoyed that the paint on the palette had already dried, and I’d have to complete re-mix all of my colors. When I saw this, it provided a way to keep the oil paints that I use in an air-tight container that was still easy enough to mix paints in while working. Each of the paints can be placed in a specific well, leaving plenty of space in the center for fresh paint-mixing.

Another neat thing about this palette, is that when the time comes that some of the paint does dry, the non-porous surface of the palette enables the paint to peel right off!