Tools of the Trade: Disposable Paint Palettes

In this edition of Tuesday Tools of the Trade, paint palettes get to be the star player. I wouldn’t be able to paint in much the manner that I paint without paint palettes. While there are many, many different types of palettes, today’s featured tool is the disposable paint palette. Occasionally I like to work with the disposable paint palette because it makes for easier cleanup if I’m feeling lazy, or it enables me to paint plein air a bit easier if I’m packing my gear to paint outside. The thing that I like about using paint palettes is that often if I start a paint project and then finish it but forget to clean the paint off, the paint hardens as a form of documentary evidence of what colors I worked with, how I mixed them and what colors I used the most. Often when I find a palette laying around and dried, I can oft recall which painting I used it on just from the colors.

The disposable palette consists of a pad of wax-lined paper in the shape of a palette, some even include the thumb hole (my preference). When selecting a new palette, merely rip off the top sheet covered in paint, and start afresh, no solvents, scrubbing or sink needed!