Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Paint Tube Wringer

I’m starting a blog post on Tuesdays called “Tools of the Trade Tuesday.” Each week I’ll feature a brief glimpse into some of the tools and materials that I use in the studio in the creation of my paintings.

Today’s Tool of the Trade is a paint tube wringer. This is by far the tool that with which I have had the most fun. I bought the tube wringer during an impulsive buy at one of my local art supplies stores. I had previously bought a plastic tube wringer, but it didn’t happen to work out — the plastic tube wringer actually broke while I was using it.

When I found this heavy-duty industrial metal paint tube wringer by Gill Manufacturing, I was pleasantly surprised by how effective, durable, and strong the squeezing mechanism worked! Looking at the images above, many of my paint tubes get to the point when (1)  I can only get so much out of them from hand-squeezing in the middle or (2) by rolling the end up. Even after rolling the bottom up, there’s still almost always some paint left at the very end that is wasted.

Enter the tube wringer (3), insert the bottom of the tube into the interlocking gears, close it and squeeze the handle while turning the lever. This results in (4) a perfectly crinkly, flattened end of the tube the formerly held paint. (5) Now all the rest of the paint from the very bottom has been pushed up to the opening.

I highly recommend skipping the plastic tube wringers and going straight to this heavy-duty one (I went through three plastic ones before I learned from my mistake).

Also, turning the lever to squeeze the snot out of the paint tube can be really satisfying on a particularly day full of many frustrations. Just before to stop squeezing once the gears have gotten up to the bulk of the remaining paint, or else you may squeeze the cap right off.

Have you tried this metal paint tube wringer? Let me know about your experience!



* Just for the record, I’m not being paid or compensated by the product featured here, I’m just giving a review based on my experiences.