Tools of the Trade: Disposable Paint Palettes

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Tools of the Trade Tuesday: My Palette Knives

img_5383Today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday post features one of the star actors in my painting productions, The Palette Knife. For any unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes of the painting process, the palette knife is the sharper alternative painting implement to a paintbrush. Instead of using a brush to apply paint to canvas, the palette knife can be used to directly apply thick paint and to shape and mold it on the canvas using palette knives of different “heads.” Each palette knife has a slightly different angle, thickness, and will apply paint differently from the others. Continue reading

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Paint Tube Wringer

I’m starting a blog post on Tuesdays called “Tools of the Trade Tuesday.” Each week I’ll feature a brief glimpse into some of the tools and materials that I use in the studio in the creation of my paintings.

Today’s Tool of the Trade is a paint tube wringer. This is by far the tool that with which I have had the most fun. I bought the tube wringer during an impulsive buy at one of my local art supplies stores. I had previously bought a plastic tube wringer, but it didn’t happen to work out — the plastic tube wringer actually broke while I was using it.

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Top 8 of 2016: Art Highlights


2016 has been an excellent year for my continuing studio practice. A year full of new commissions, renewed focus, and new recognition and professional development have all added up to make 2016 one of my best and favorite years in my studio timeline. So here, without further ado, are what I considered to be the top 8 highlights of 2016.
~ Rachel

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