We’re Beyond Paint Splatters in this Class

I’ve been thrilled to teach an adult art class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center called “Beyond Paint Splatters: Experimenting with Abstract Art Methods”. The ten people in the class are an absolute delight to work with, and their enthusiasm for trying abstract art has helped to renew my own enthusiasm for sharing abstract art with others.

We have moved beyond adding color to our reality-based drawings, and have next translated the images into paintings. In our last two classes, we shifted our perspectives about our paintings using a zooming technique and cutting up paper strips of the paintings to then reduce the paintings to colors, lines and shapes that were then drawn using a Cubist technique. We discussed the various Cubist artists like Picasso and Braque, and talked about what were the elements of the paintings that made them stand out as Cubist.

I should have allotted more time for painting, because the students in this class have really gotten into the lessons, and it is so wonderful to see their creativity uninhibited and able to explore some of these abstract ideas that they perhaps hadn’t previously given themselves permission to explore!

We only have about 2 more weeks left in this fall session — it has already gone by so fast!