More Than Paint Splatters

I’ve been so excited to start teaching a new adult art class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center on Tuesday evenings of Fall 2016. In the first two classes, I’m already so happy with the people in the class — we have some good laughs and they have given me some good insight, as well as challenged me with some good questions.

The first class was fun getting to know the ten participants in the class, what some of their previous experiences were with art, and what they hope to learn in this 6-week session. I explained how abstract art is a choice — I choose to make abstract art, even though I can make a realistic looking still life, landscape scene or portrait. I showed a few examples of past artwork painted from observation.

We learned how many forms of abstract art start in the “real world,” so each participant was encouraged to bring a photo or collection of small objects to draw realistically, because we would revisit this composition each week and apply a different style or technique of abstract art. In this first week, students were encouraged to look at line, shadow and shading.

In the second week of class, we explored adding color to our sketches through the use of oil pastels. After a brief introduction to several methods of color mixing, layering and smudging with the oil pastels, students began to add color to their drawings. The selection of color and layering is integral to the transition we will make to the first full abstract “shift” that we will explore in next week’s class.