Pop-up Poolside Paintings Preview Party

I held a Pop-up Poolside Paintings Preview Party last weekend. What is this event? It is a combination of studio reception, part artist talk, and part just summertime fun! I thought up the idea a few months ago when I was thinking of combining two things I love to do –art and having people over for fun & food– as a milestone and celebration for completing 10 paintings in a new series on time. I will get things done if I make a deadline for myself, and having a party to invite people to in order to get paintings done seemed like a good and fun idea.

I won’t spare you all the details about planning the preview party (that’s a separate blog post, coming soon!), but it was a good time. I mounted my 10 paintings each on easels around the in-ground pool, and used plenty of zip-ties to ensure that the paintings wouldn’t move if there was any breeze.


Guests arrived to the ambience of a live instrumentalist playing classical music on the viola admidst the poolside paintings. A server offered passed hors d’oeuvres to guests, followed by a signature cocktail — Strawberry Summer Splash. Guests were invited to provide names and titles for the paintings by writing on a speech-bubble sticky note and placing it on the label for each painting.

I delivered an artist-talk about this new body of work entitled Abstracted Rainy Moments. I explained how this series has been 10 years in the making since I first discovered the technique and had been wanting to explore it in a deeper way ever since then, but only finally got around to it now. I explained some of my inspiration and process — but you can find that over in my artist-statement.



Following the artist talk, we walked over to my art studio for a demonstration. I donned my paint apron over my black dress, put on my gloves, and prepared to show people the step-by-step process of what goes into the smearing technique I have employed for creating the style of the Abstracted Rainy Moments series. Guests got to see a sneak-peak into what my working studio looks like (I hope I cleaned it enough in time), took a seat around the work table and asked some really great and intriguing questions as I explained my process. During the studio demonstration, I also showed some examples of my failures as I sought to rediscover the technique that I had begun many years before this project.


After the studio demonstration, we returned to the poolside paintings, and after giving people one more opportunity to suggest their titles for the paintings, guests demanded that I share what my vision and intent was for each individual painting. It was a great conversation, as I was also able to get the valued input from guests on their perceptions of the paintings, their thoughts and impressions of the Abstracted Rainy Moments series. This input has given me some good insight to keep in consideration as I continue working on the series.

Guests received a small thank-you packet as a parting gift for coming to the Pop-up Poolside Paintings Preview Party. From that afternoon, at least one painting has been pre-sold to a new owner once this current series has been in at least one exhibition all together. From here, I am continuing to work on additional paintings for the series, as well I am working to submit proposals to galleries and venues that might be a good fit for this work. I hope to report back soon with some exhibition dates for 2017.

It was such a fun event, and I hope that all my guests enjoyed themselves. After we brought the paintings back in, I kicked off my heels and just relaxed the rest of the evening. I am so glad that I followed through with this idea and brought it to execution. I’m already starting to think about what is the next fun art event that I can plan and put together for an exhibition event.




If you know of a gallery that you think would be a good fit for this Abstracted Rainy Moments series, please contact me. If you would like to pre-purchase any of the Abstracted Rainy Moments series paintings, please reach out to me for more information and pricing.