Rachel Brask to be Guest Speaker at EP Arts Council Meeting

Rachel Brask will be local artist guest speaker at the Open Meeting of the East Providence Arts Council on Tuesday, October 4, 6-8pm. She will speak about her style of abstract oil painting, and describe the new direction that she is currently working in and some of her experiences with the East Providence Arts Council. Speaking will probably start around 6:30 until about 7/7:15pm. Continue reading

Pop-up Poolside Paintings Preview Party

I held a Pop-up Poolside Paintings Preview Party last weekend. What is this event? It is a combination of studio reception, part artist talk, and part just summertime fun! I thought up the idea a few months ago when I was thinking of combining two things I love to do –art and having people over for fun & food– as a milestone and celebration for completing 10 paintings in a new series on time. I will get things done if I make a deadline for myself, and having a party to invite people to in order to get paintings done seemed like a good and fun idea.

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