Studio Tuesdays

Studio Tuesdays start this Fall!

During any one session of Studio Tuesdays on select dates, I will open up my studio to 1-2 people to come and sit in the studio 7:00-9:00pm while I work on a painting and give them a chance to work on their own art. For just $10, participants in Studio Tuesdays can experiment with my art studio materials or bring their own while I give them any art pointers they may want or tips on materials and technique. The content for Studio Tuesday is very open to what the participants want to create, there is no formal lesson, just creating with some light feedback. Participants can enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate to enjoy in the studio.

Click any of the links below to reserve your spot online for Studio Tuesday (limit of 2 available spots each session, available first-come, first-served) for any of the following dates:

Studio Tuesdays will require RSVPs in advance of each date, and dates are limited, so if you’re interested, please fill out the form below to inquire about Studio Tuesdays or to make a reservation.