Video: Her Reaction — When a man commissioned a painting as a surprise birthday gift for his wife

Warning: Viewers may witness great joy portrayed in this video, accompanied by some occasional loud squeals of happiness and laughter. You may have to adjust your volume accordingly.

The Story

Angi had been wanting a commissioned painting from Rachel Brask Artworks for a long time. Her husband, Jim, contacted Rachel Brask Artworks to commission such a painting based on the styles that each of them liked — to have two images merged into one diptych painting.

A few months ago, when Jim and Angi visited the studio of Rachel Brask Artworks, Rachel asked Angi for some “outside input on a commission” that she was working on “for a client” — never revealing that the client was actually Angi. Angi gave some feedback on the maquettes that Rachel had prepared, and customized them based on what she liked for the final painting.

This reveal was the moment that Jim and Rachel revealed to Angi that the painting was personally commissioned for her by her husband. See her reaction.