Artist Residency: Day 4

Day 4 of my in-studio artist residency started off mainly the same as some of the other days — waking up, having tea, reading, then starting in on painting at 7am. I have enjoyed starting this early, as I am the most productive during my painting blocks of 7am-Noon.

I’ve already got one canvas all painted and ready for small touch-ups. I thought, why not start a second canvas? I have one main big easel, and I have a second French easel in the other corner of my studio. I prepared a fresh 30″ x 40″ canvas, propped it up on the French easel, and began to tone the canvas with a pastel shade of purple, very lightly applying the paint.

IMG_1001When that was done, I returned to my main canvas for the yellow-green painting, and saw that the colors had moved south quite a bit overnight. To touch up the blending of the colors as they descended the canvas, I took a fan brush and applied a little more stand oil, very lightly, blending the colors in together so as to remove any hard lines or spots. Studying how the composition of the colors panned out, I directly applied a few paint spots, feathering in the color on stop and in the stand oil.

I worked mainly today on the purple-toned canvas. After toning the canvas, I applied paint daubs loosely with a large brush in hues of pastel whites, blues, lavenders and periwinkle and mint green. Over all these daubs I added even more white. I used a thick brush to later blend the colors into one another so that there wouldn’t a blank spot anywhere on the canvas. The intention of this next canvas is to reflect an impression of the colors of the New England winter experience.

After my lunch break, I lightly poured stand oil over all the wintery daubs of color, and then used a combination of palette knife and fan brush to run the colors together as I pulled the pigments down towards the bottom of the canvas. Like my other methods in this series, now it’s up to gravity and how the drips from the stand oil and pigment continue their journey of slipping slowly down the canvas surface.

IMG_1013 IMG_1015 IMG_1032

In the evening, I took a good chunk of time to go through and process all the photos that I had photographed of my artwork the day before. Lots of tea, cropping and adjusting levels and lighting later, I had finished processing the artwork photos so that they’re ready to be added in to update my website in the near future.