Artist Residency

I’m preparing for an intensive 10 day artist residency from June 26-July 4, 2016. I plan to use this to devote 10 full-time days of working through the beginning few painting of my new “Abstracted Rain” series. I’m looking forward to this time of undivided time and attention to put towards this exciting new series. As a practicing artist, it can be all to easy to have my spare (and un-spare) time divided by the need to take care of what seems like a million obligations, deadlines, paperwork, documents, organizing, and social media.

I find that I’m most productive when I have unplugged from my cellular devices, have a freshly brewed mug of tea in hand, and have thoughtfully pre-planned how I anticipate I will break up my time. Giving thought in advance to what my goals are to be achieved during any specific period of time is always more productive than going through busy-work without an end-vision in mind. So for this ten-day period of artist residency, my goal is to develop four 30″x40″ paintings and a series of color and texture studies for the rest that I anticipate will follow in the series.

During my residency, I will only log onto my internet-capable computer only two times each day, and only for 20 minutes each — setting a timer.

I believe that this limitation will keep me from the endless black hole of social media posts and email to reply to. I will begin each studio work day at 7am, and I will end each studio work day at 9:30pm, concluding with a very brief blog entry detailing my highlights, struggles, and some details from the work that day.

If you would like to follow me on this adventure, please sign up for my email newsletter here (if you have not done so already). I will send an update with links to the blog posts within a week of finishing the artist residency.

A special thanks to my husband for his support of me and my art as I stretch to push myself to reach higher goals to achieve in the journey of my art career. I could not do this without his unending love and support.

Follow me in this next step in my ongoing art journey!