Newport WetPaint 2013

I was pleased to participate for the first time in the WetPaint 2013, an outdoor painting event organized by the Newport Art Museum in Newport, RI. Many artists gather for the annual event, paint anywhere outdoors in Newport RI surrounding area from morning until 3PM. Each painting is then hung for a silent auction, and 50 pieces will be put in the live auction. Proceeds from this auction go to support the Newport Art Museum. I was pleased to meet many other artists, enjoyed beautiful weather, and got to paint by the water. Here are photos of progress from my painting of the day at WetPaint.

Photo: Set up my easel to paint in Newport

Photo: Painting progress #wetpaint

Photo: Painting progress #sky

Photo: Progress painting Newport #wetpaint2013

Photo: #wetpaint continues. Only 2 hrs left to finish!

Photo: Times up! Painting done!

Photo: Finished product!

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