Recap of Wickford Art Festival 2012 in Photos: First Day at Booth 85

I’ve compiled some of the photos and tweets that I posted during my participation at Booth 85 at the Wickford Art Festival here in a summary recap, in as close to chronological as I can recall. I’m still processing entries for the Name the Painting Contest from the second day, and will post the entries very soon for voting for finalists.

Booth is set up and ready to roll for the weekend! 


One of several paintings that I began working on while with my outdoor easel at Wickford Art Festival

Signs directing us to any place one needs to know about for the Festival!

I got out my easel and worked on starting another small painting.

When it started raining, I had to bring everything else into the booth to keep it all dry, so I had to put up the rain walls to the tent.

Worked on this little 3″x3″ canvas..

…and I worked on this one…

…and worked on painting this 3×3 canvas…

Another day, another small painting.

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