Voting for Wickford Art Festival “Name This Painting” Round 1

Name THIS Painting!

Please cast your vote in the poll below for the name that you indicate is the best fit for the photo of the painting at right, painted live at Saturday’s Wickford Art Festival, on July 7, 2012. Continue reading

Recap of Wickford Art Festival 2012 in Photos: First Day at Booth 85

I’ve compiled some of the photos and tweets that I posted during my participation at Booth 85 at the Wickford Art Festival here in a summary recap, in as close to chronological as I can recall. I’m still processing entries for the Name the Painting Contest from the second day, and will post the entries very soon for voting for finalists. Continue reading

Studio’s Leaky Roof

There’s nothing quite like having a leaky roof in the art studio a few days before a major art festival to dampen the evening. Nothing that a few towels and several strategically placed buckets can’t help.

Wickford Art Festival 2012

Rachel Brask Artworks will be participating in the Wickford Art Festival in Wickford, RI on Saturday-Sunday July 7-8, 2012. Look for Booth #85, Continue reading