The Elements Exhibition @ Warwick Museum of Art (Aug. 12, 2011)

It was an honor to participate in such a lovely exhibition and lively art opening as The Elements Exhibition at the Warwick Museum of Art. The Elements featured artworks within the theme of wind, earth, water and fire. Two of my paintings were selected through the juried process for participation in the show. Looking around at a of the other artwork, I was very impressed with the level of talent exhibited within the space. I also got to meet some other fantastic artists such as photographer, Carol Proulx, sculptor, Neal Personeus, and painter, Carol Scarvotto. The organizers of the show and opening, Courtney Rose and Patti Martucci did an excellent job and it was a pleasure to be present to meet other artists and art appreciators. I hope to do another show sometime at the Warwick Art Museum in the future.

The artist at The Elements Exhibition with her pieces, "Windfire" and "It Happens When the Wind Changes"

Elements Art Exhibtion at Warwick Museum of Art, taken a bit early before a lot more people arrived

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