Pawtucket Arts Fest 2010 Recap

I spent this last weekend making and selling art at the Pawtucket Arts Fest, held in Slater Park on September 11-12. We had beautiful autumn weather –not hot, not cold, but just right. It was a pleasure to meet a lot of other artists and crafters, and it was also a lot of fun to talk with the many Arts Fest go-ers that stopped by my art booth.

RB Artworks Booth @ Pawtucket Arts Fest Sept. 11-12, 2010

While I was at the Pawtucket Arts Fest, I also made a chance to work on a few paintings in the nice weather. I was able to finish one and start on another one, and here are some photos of what I was up to:

Painting Away @ The Pawtucket Arts Fest

Many people stopped in front of my booth to participate in the “Name A Painting” Contest.


Name This Painting Contest

I brought with me two unfinished paintings to work on, and started a new painting on a third blank canvas.

(dis)continuity. Oil on Canvas. 16x20.

Painting completed at Pawtucket Arts Festival, titled: (dis)continuity

Here I am working on the second painting, and its semi-completed phase after the Pawtucket Arts Fest. It is still not titled yet.


Painting the second painting at the Pawtucket Arts Fest. I'm wearing sunglasses because by late afternoon the sun had shifted and it was really bright.


The semi-completed phase of the second painting.

The third painting I only just began. There’s still alot more work that I have planned to go into the image:


This painting was begun at the Pawtucket Arts Fest. There's still much more to go into it.

I also brought along my largest painting, a 6-foot by 4foot painting, entitled: Writhe


This is "Writhe," my giant 6-foot by 4-foot painting, hanging in my booth at the Pawtucket Arts Fest

Overall, it was a great experience being at the Pawtucket Arts Fest, and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and all of the great people with whom I was able to talk about art. Now I must get back into the studio to complete those paintings I started.


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