Top 50 Titles for “Name This Painting” Contest

Not Quite Titled. Oil on Canvas. 15"x15"

Not Quite Titled. Oil on Canvas. 15"x15"

On September 11-12, 2010 at the Pawtucket Arts Fest, a contest was held at my booth to name this painting (pictured above). There were many, many good suggestions for titles, and it has taken me some time to narrow the selections down to the Top 50 Titles. The Top 5 will be posted soon after some short deliberation, and the winner will be notified and announced.

Here are the Top 50 Titles:

A Chaotic Mind Rage
Alice’s Wonderland Rainbow Fusion
Cavernous Stalactites Rainbow Sewer Drain
Circle of the Future Rainstorm
City Lights Renovation
Clock Runs Out Sewer Pipe Smoothie
Color My World Shades of Emotion
Confession of Colors Ships by the Shore
Confusion Stain Glass Vortex
Diverse World Subway Journeys
Extremely Excited Subway Ride
Flash of Time The Abyss
Frantic at the Storm The View From My Secret Hiding Place
Hanging Gardens of Babylon The Way Out
Illusions There’s Water at the End of the Tunnel!
In Transit Through the Looking Glass
Insomnia Time Traveling
Living Large Tropical Eye
Looking Through the Glass Ball Tunnel Traffic
Lookout Verticolor
Mardi Gras Warped Twilight
Most of Our Lives Wheelbarrow Ride with Celine
Night of the Rainbow When the Rain Came
Ocular Auras of Color Wounded Earth
Portal to Eden Whirlwind

Thoughts, Comments, Questions & Responses:

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