Now you can buy Rachel Brask Artworks prints online

Rachel Brask Artworks at Etsy Online Shop

Rachel Brask Artworks at Etsy Online Shop

Now announcing the debut of Rachel Brask Artworks Online Shop!

Due to a growing number of requests to buy my artwork online, I have created a page on that will enable people to view and purchase several options of limited edition fine art giclee prints, in different sizes, using PayPal and major credit cards. If you live outside of the greater Providence area, this is good news! I will ship purchased prints to anywhere in the U.S.

If you are interested in purchasing an original painting (not a print), please contact me via email. If you are very seriously interested in purchasing an original but live far enough away that paying via online payments is more convenient, I can work with you to ensure that you payment and shipping will go smoothly.

Please feel free to leave comments or email me with feedback at


First Time at Providence Open Market: No Rain!

RBrask Artworks Banner

RBrask Artworks Banner

I showed some artwork at the Providence Open Market on Saturday, June 20 (2009). It was my first try at an outdoor festival, and so the first time, I believe, will always be the most work and the most difficult, and therefore will cause the most anxiety because of not knowing all the factors that will go into making it or breaking it. With rainy weather looming, my biggest worry was that it would rain… but thankfully, it didn’t rain the whole day I was there. I appreciate all the people who came out to see me. I appreciated meeting some other area artists. I appreciated just having conversations with whomever a conversation began. Over all, I am glad that the day went well, and this was a good starting point to continue forward from here. Keep posted on more art blog entries and art events to come. ~Rachel

Summer is the season

Summer is the season for being outside, enjoying sunshine and nice weather.

Summer is also the season of rain and cloudy days.

I’ve been mostly inside the last week or so, getting many things prepared for showing & selling artwork at the Providence Open Market on Saturday.

I’m hoping that the sunshine part of summer prevails on Saturday.

That’s all for now.