The sounds of painting…

Have you ever listened for the sounds of painting? After being away from painting for awhile (because of busyness, travel, holidays, etc) I find that my senses are much more attuned to the sounds of painting as they are to the sights of painting. With no background music playing in my silent studio room, the sounds rested loudly upon my ear. The sounds of mixing paint on a pallette, the whish of cleaning my brush in mineral spirits, the rhythmic scratch of making the same brushstrokes upon the same area, or long smooth pauses as I paint a long smooth line across the canvas. Have you ever listened for familiar sounds of the act of painting?

One thought on “The sounds of painting…

  1. Rachel,
    You sure have put words to some of my inner thoughts. I’m not a painter by trade but an artist at heart. I see colors in life and they envoke feelings and stir emotions within me. Life is my artwork. When you asked “Have you ever listened for familiar sounds of the act of painting?” I immediatley thought of the familiar sounds in my life. When I am away from them, I long for them. They comfort me and I identify with them. The sounds in my life represent me. The colors in my world, the colors that immediatley surround me, they also represent me.

    Rachel, Thank you for posting your thoughts. You have opened a window in my mind that has been closed due to surrounding darkness. Today, I fling open the panes and let the light shine in!

    Colors embrace me once again!

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