An Artist’s Struggle

The artist strives to create in her hands what is beautiful in her mind, to convey the perfect idea to the perfect form. The struggle between the ideal and the real is fought continually, as the artist attempts to defy reality, to go against what is normal and average. Along the idea’s journey to completion, it must first pass through her heart, evoking the true passion and vitality that brings the idea to life, before it can be transferred from the brain to hand. It is the artist that takes what is inside her, and externalizes it in the form of an original work of art. The struggle between mind and matter is a perpetual battle that rages during the discourse of transferring an abstract mental image into a concrete, tangible piece.

Frustration ensues the inability to accomplish the task perfectly, when the form matches not the function, when the piece laughs in the artist’s face and screams, “Ha!” It is then that the artist must undertake the challenge, now more than ever, to overcome the barriers that keep her from creating perfection; to balance the form and the idea with the media that stands in between the former and the latter. The artist must mold and sculpt the idea as much as the media itself, until one compromises with the other, and the two may merge into that which is aesthetically pleasing and visually harmonious.

Like the lover and the beloved, an artist must love her creation, since it proceeded from her very own. It is this love, this passion, this will to overcome, this urge for perfection that drives the artist to continue viewing an imperfect world through an idealistic perspective, and is inspired to capture that in her work and continue in her upward struggle toward perfection.

The sounds of painting…

Have you ever listened for the sounds of painting? After being away from painting for awhile (because of busyness, travel, holidays, etc) I find that my senses are much more attuned to the sounds of painting as they are to the sights of painting. With no background music playing in my silent studio room, the sounds rested loudly upon my ear. The sounds of mixing paint on a pallette, the whish of cleaning my brush in mineral spirits, the rhythmic scratch of making the same brushstrokes upon the same area, or long smooth pauses as I paint a long smooth line across the canvas. Have you ever listened for familiar sounds of the act of painting?