Phase 9 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 9 of Abstract Painting Process

I worked on the painting a bit more earlier today, and after looking at the painting, I was reminded that I needed to introduce a few more darks, and this time I wanted to add some solid darker red hues. I again turned the painting around a few times while working on it to balance the colors and shapes in the overall composition of this abstract painting.

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About Rachel

I am an artist & designer balancing the geometric and organic lines and shapes in this world. I'm drawn to oil paints as my preferred medium, and use pixels to paint when I am graphically designing. I enjoy a strong cup of coffee, tea and conversation. Me encanta hablar en espanol con mucha gente, y visitar paises donde la gente habla espanol. I would like to expand my creative and business practices in art, design and teaching.
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